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Off-Site Construction

Off-Site Construction

Putting the job together, before the job is.... together!

Orbital Welding
Our in-house pipe fabrication facility is capable of providing prefabrication services for both carbon and stainless steel thru 36" pipe size. With our automated pipe cutting and orbital welding capability we can provide x-ray quality pipe fabrication at a very competitive rate. Prefabrication can save you time and money on every project. For a quote, please call or e-mail us today.

From detailed fabrication drawings, to pipe-fitting and welding, we offer our clients a complete prefabrication process. Let our team of experts help meet your prefabrication needs today.

Stainless Steel Welding

Your project requires stainless steel prefabrication? Not a problem for our team! We can deliver top quality stainless steel welding to meet your prefabrication needs up to 36" pipe size, regardless of wall thickness.

Non-Traditional Fabrication Materials

From Copper, to PEX, to PVC.  We strive to prefabricate anything that saves installation time in the field.