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Safe work practices and a team approach to a strong safety culture!

ACI Mechanical focuses on accident prevention, not just OSHA compliance.  We believe safety is more than rulebooks. It is our employees and management taking the time to think about how to accomplish their work safely.  Our goals are to eliminate unsafe acts and conditions that might cause personal injury and achieve zero accidents and injuries.

Our philosophy is to create an accident-free environment through leadership, communication, and motivation.  By fostering an attitude of safety consciousness, our key leaders develop a “spirit” of accident prevention and reduce accidents as a result.

Our staff receives comprehensive training and certification in OSHA 10 Hour Safety and First Aid.  Company-wide safety training is conducted bi-monthly.  In addition, we provide our employees with all of the safety equipment and tools they need to perform their work.

ACI Mechanical has an exceptional safety technique, “Think 5 x 5”, taught to all employees to ensure that they think and work safely.  Our Think 5 x 5 safety initiative increases employee awareness and enhances the company culture to "Take 5 seconds and 5 steps back" to think about their surroundings and work area to make sure it is a safe work environment.

We benchmark, and track safety in many areas including workplace safety, automobile accidents, and general liability. Our “Safety Index” provides continuous feedback, and drives improvement in processes and results.

Managers, at all levels of our organization, have a profound effect on the safety culture and continually create motivation for positive change to avoid complacency.  Staying committed and involved keeps our workplace and worksites injury-free, and allows some of our subsidiaries to have millions of hours without a lost-time injury.  The best benefit of all is to be able to send our employees home, injury free, every day.


Chad Gourley

Safety Coordinator